Monday, July 21, 2008

Start, Now Let's Begin

Today I paid $215 to get injected with small doses of diseases. The other day I paid some random guy, I'd been referred to, to get a stamp. Before that I handed over $2700 to a beautiful woman in return for some specially printed documents. The reason, to begin a revolution. Partially a social, mental, and spiritual revolution, but mostly just a physical revolution, that is to revolve.

Breaking it down, I'm going on an adventure. In reverse order, the printed documents were plane tickets, the stamp a visa, the disease was just some vaccinations. All things I need to get myself around the other side of the world to Frankfurt, Germany, just to turn around and head home. Getting there the easy bit, a flight from Christchurch, New Zealand with a stopover in Singapore. Getting home the hard bit, flying/train riding up to start of a journey across the longest railway in the world. The Trans Siberian Rail. (technically the trans Mongolian to be precise). Then arriving in Beijing, China about two months later, will travel around China for a month of more. Then technically I fly home from Hong Kong, although this is up to self debate, depending on finances at this point. Alternatives could be to go to Japan to go snowboarding, or into South East Asia to help the world.

With just over a month left before I leave, I have decided to start a running blog/vlog documenting my travels. I will keep constant updates flowing provided I don't die.

Here is a map describing my voyage. (click for larger view)

I will also keep running totals of costs to help inform other budget conscious travelers.
So far:
Plane Tickets: $2700 (christchurch - singapore - frankfurt, hong kong - christchurch) + $90 (Berlin - Riga)
Visa for russia: $127
Innoculations: $215
Total: $3132

Which is kinda lame seeing I haven't even left yet. And still got to purchase insurance and all that kinda travel gear crap before boarding the plane.

So stay tuned for more information, and a lot more wild and interesting stories.