Friday, August 22, 2008

Things Must End First

View over Fairlie
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So only a week before I depart the lovely shores of New Zealand. But what a terrible time to choose to go...

Moon Sets at Sunrise, Ohau

Southern Alps Under a Heavy Snow Blanket

New Zealand is a pretty horrible place in the winter. It basically turns into a third world country in terms of living conditions as no one has insulation in their houses. So if you don't want to spend hundreds on power bills you basically choose to freeze. I have been more cold than ever before because we basically don't use a heater in the flat I'm in this year. But the benefit of all of this, and especially this year, is that there has been an incredible amount of snow fall on ski fields here and so has made for some epic snowboarding.

Lake Ohau

The Alps North of Rakaia River

Seeing I had three weeks between finishing work and leaving, I've been using most of that spare time to hit the slopes and get in some of the best riding ever in New Zealand. So while not really anything to do with going on an adventure into ex-communist countries, it is still awesome.

The Pride of New Zealand, Mt Aoraki

Lake Ohau

While down at Ohau Ski Field I made my first vlog, check this out:

In somewhat good news, costs have been down as I've paid for everything I need to before I leave, so from last post:
Travel Insurance: $250
Running Total: $3382

Riding the Triple at Mt Hutt